Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Campdraft

The Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Campdraft is one of the most prestigious campdrafts in Australia. The Grandfather Clock trophy was first donated almost 50 years ago.  With a rich campdrafting history in Chinchilla spanning over 115 years, the event is one of the 'big three' that make up the Queensland Triple Crown series of campdrafts.

The four day event in October attracts some of the best horses and competitors in the country, all vying for over $45,000 in prizemoney and a shot at the $30,000 Triple Crown. 

Chinchilla Campdraft also holds an annual Encouragement Campdraft in February each year.

Previous Grandfather Clock winners include:

  • 2016 - Peter Boulton & Conduct
  • 2015 - John Mulcahy & TKO
  • 2014 - Ben McNaughton & Double Duck - [View Video]
  • 2013 - Jon Templeton & Marnies Ace - [View Video]
  • 2012 - Ben Hall & Foot Acre
  • 2011 - Peter O'Neill & Roma
  • 2010 - Wally Rea & Rapps Ellie
  • 2009 - Terry Hall & Hazelwood Conman

Chinchilla 2013, Grandfather Clock winners line-up.
Photo by Belinda Boshammer.  Open placegetters with judge Mark Buttsworth, Chinchilla Campdraft president John Plant & Jason Gray & Moses Abraham of Black Toyota Chinchilla.  Click image to enlarge.

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