Cloncurry Stockman's Challenge & Campdraft

The Cloncurry Stockman's Challenge celebrated its' 30th Year in 2013.  What was initially created as a memorial for Reg Brown, instead created a new benchmark in the Australian Horse Industry.

Visit the excellent website: for full details on the event, including its' history.

Following is their explanation of what "The Challenge" entails.

"The event will be primarily run over 3 days in July. The competition requires competitors to complete two demonstrations; the first is the ‘dry’ section. Competitors and their horses are to complete a pattern before two judges. In this pattern are manoeuvres such as flying changes, roll backs, spins and stops. This pattern is designed to display the horse’s athleticism, ability and trainability whilst exhibiting the rider’s horsemanship. The second demonstration is again before two judges, this time the horse and rider combination is required to work cattle in a manner similar to a Campdraft course."

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