Hazelwood Conman
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Hazelwood Conman

Hazelwood Conman

You can't beat natural Ability!

Painted by Sophie Sorella

This supersire has progeny excelling and to see their results in the major arenas throughout 2013, 14, 15 & 16, show what a major genetic powerhouse Hazelwood Conman has become.

A truly great sire needs three things:

  • a great pedigree
  • a successful performance record of his own
  • and proven progeny.

Hazelwood Conman has ALL of this and more.

Service Fee

Giving Back!

'As a family, we have made a decision to donate a number of Conman services in order to support our favourite Children’s Charities. While we know a lot of people are facing very challenging times right now, we believe that little kids facing tough times are some of the bravest people we know, so Conman will be doing his very best to try and help them. We intend to make that our chosen charity for the next few years so we can really make a difference.

Thank you for your support, and we sincerely hope that you will breed the horse you dream about in the 2017 breeding season.'

Terry and Chrissie


"When you come off the camp it’s like being on cruise control.
When he does it, he does it by himself."
  Chris Hall

“I don’t think there’s anything better about.”  Terry Hall

Although Conman’s official results are incomplete, we are still able to recall what an amazing competition record he has.  It all started with a win in the Ladies at Yetman before heading towards the Cloncurry Challenge. In Cloncurry he was leading going to the final, but it wasn’t to be and he finished 5th. The rest however, has been a stellar career with many memorable moments for the Hall family and all spectators alike.

Notable achievements include:

  • 1st ladies Draft at Warwick 2005
  • 1st Stallion Draft ASH Nationals at Warwick 2006

The 2009 Condamine, Chinchilla, Warwick run was where he really shone and his results over that period are testament to his ability.

  • Condamine Bell 2nd
  • Chinchilla Grandfather Clock 1st
  • Warwick Stallion Draft 1st
  • Warwick Gold Cup =3rd
  • Winner Barnes Trophy

Then again at Warwick in 2012.  [See Video Gallery]

  • Champion of Champions 2nd by ½ point
  • Warwick Gold Cup 2nd after run off.  [View Video]

Landmark Classic Stallion Shootout 2013.  [See Video Gallery]


Hazelwood Conman progeny speak for themselves.  They have won most of the big majors.

Hazelwood Advice won the Gold Cup in 2013, Conduct won the 2016 Grandfather Clock, Hazelwood Con Artist won the Stallion Draft at Paradise, Kneipps Conray won the Stallion Draft at Warwick, El Condo has won the World Championship at Sydney Royal. Bar None Confession, Hazelwood Conair and Bulla Tamborine have all won the Landmark Classic. This is to just name a few...


ASHS Nationals & FOY Sale

Conman progenywon 3 out of the 5 campdraft events.

  • Open - Hazelwood Congressman - 1st.  Rd1 93 (24, 4, 65)  [View Video]
  • Maiden - Amac Conway - 1st  [View Video]
  • Stallion - Kneipps Conray - 1st

Conman Filly tops FOY Sale

  • Pimpampa Janie sold for $17,000.

Landmark Classic

Notable sales include:

  • Lot 224 - Nonda Wallflower, 3yo mare sold for $62,000.  [View Sale Video]
  • Lot 294 - Westlake Confection, 4 yo mare, sold for $40,000.  [View Sale Video]
  • Lot 410 - Kaypehaich Acres of Pearls, 2 yo mare, sold for $47,000.  [View Sale Video]
  • Lot 436 - Kehls Hussler, 4yo mare, sold for $40,000.
  • Lot 446 - Hazelwood Colbie, 4 yo mare, sold for $45,000.  [View Sale Video]
  • Lot 467 - Hazelwood County Fair, 3 yo mare, sold for $28,000.
  • Lot 502 - Amac Melody Man, 4 yo gelding, sold for $22,000.  [View Sale Video]
  • Lot 506 - Hazelwood Consequence, 4 yo mare, sold for $61,000. 
  • Lot 529 - Destined to be a Grifter, 3 yo stallion, sold for $40,000.  [View Sale Video]

.Hazelwood Conman 2017 Landmark Sales Summation


Chinchilla Grandfather Clock
7 finalists & 3 placings in the top 10.

  • Peter Bolton & Conduct 1st[View Video]   (Click arrows bottom right hand corner to enlarge.)

ASHS Super Quest

Man from Snowy River

  • Halls Chickenman ridden by John Mitchell - 1st

Landmark Classic

  • Classic draft - 3 Conmans made the final with Hazelwood Coronation finishing 8th ridden by Ben Hall.

Horse Sale
29 Hazelwood Conman progeny sold for an average of $19,362.

  • 18 mares - average $20,777
  • 5 geldings - average $13,100
  • 6 stallions - average $20,333 


Warwick Gold Cup

  • Kneipp’s Conray & Codie Law Winners of the Stallion Draft - [View Video]

Paradise Lagoons - Hazelwood Conartist

  • Winner - Stallion draft
  • Winner - Champion of Champions.  [View Video]

Landmark Classic

  • Winner – Bulla Tambourine  Rider: Matt Holz.  [View Video]

Landmark Horse Sale

  • 19 Lots by Conman averaged $24,974
  • 8 Mares averaged $31,562
  • 8 Geldings averaged $11,750
  • 3 Stallions averaged $42,666
  • Top Priced Stallion.  Lot 285 $65,000.  The Wolf of Wall Street [View Video]
    Vendor: Richard Bull     2.y.o Stallion

Other notable Sales

  • Lot 413 $67,500  Brek’s Conducktress.  [View Video]
    Vendor: John Brekelmans   4.y.o Mare
  • Lot 228 $18,000   Turners Stud Concrete.  [View Video]
    Vendor: Shane Turner    Open Age Gelding
  • Lot 420  $42,000 Hazelwood Conspiracy.  [View Video]    
    Vendor: T & C Hall


Landmark Classic

  • Winner - Bar None Confession.  Rider: Pat Smyth.  Owner Pat & Bernadine Smyth. [View Video]

Landmark Open Draft

  • Winner - Kneipps Conray.  Owned by Codie and Natalie Law.  [View Video

Landmark Horse Sale

  • 16 Conman progeny. Av.  $18,781. (Highest av.)

Top Priced Mare:

  • Lot 341 - Bulla Tambourine. $66,000. Vendor: Bulla Lyn ASH Stud.  [View Video]


Warwick Gold Cup Winner

  • Hazelwood Advice.  Owned by Michael & Vicki Hiscock. [View Video]

Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Final.  
4 Finalists by Hazelwood Conman plus Conman himself.

 World Championship Campdraft, Sydney Royal

  • Winner El Condo & Mark Palmer

Progeny in action!
Michael Hiscock & Hazelwood Advice
Hazelwood Advice.

Owned by Michael & Vicki Hiscock.

El Condo & Mark Palmer
Palmers El Condo

Owned & ridden by Mark Palmer.


  • Sydney Royal Easter Show
    - 1st Championship Campdraft.

Hazelwood Conartist
Hazelwood Con Artist

Owned by Warren Thompson.  Ridden by Steve Comiskey.


  • Paradise Lagoons. 
    • Winner of Stallion draft
    • Winner Champion of Champions. [View Video]

Hazelwood Conair
Hazelwood Conair
  • Winner of Landmark Classic.

Wolf of Wall Street
Wolf of Wall Street

2015 Landmark Horse Sale

  • Top Priced Stallion.  Sold $65,000 [View Video]
  • Vendor: Richard Bull    
  • 2.y.o Stallion

[Photo by Ken Anderson Equine Photography.]


Ridden by PJ Cookson

  • Goondiwindi Show - 1st Open draft.

Halls Chickenman

Ridden by John Mitchell.


  • ACA National Finals Novice - 2nd after runoff


  • Winner of The Man from Snowy River. 

Outback Jack
Bonlac Outback Jack
  • Nixon Crossing - 1st  Challenge.  R.Wall.
  • Landmark 2014 - 3rd Challenge.  R.Wall.

Royally Comedienne
Royally Comedienne

Ridden by D.Fitzgerald.

  • Landmark 2013 - 2nd Challenge.
  • Condobolin - 1st Maiden.

[Photo by Wild Fillies Photography.]


Craig RadkeCraig Radke & Concert

Walla Willa Concert

The eldest of Conman's progeny. 
Owned by Craig and Fiona Radke.


  • ACA National Finals, Top 30 - 2nd



  • Warwick - 2nd Gold Cup.

[Top photo by Jane Lee.
Middle photo by Julie Shaw.]


Photo by Jule Shaw: Pete Comiskey & Brittany


Hazelwood Copyright
Hazelwood Copyright
Hazelwood Copyright
  • Mare
  • Owned by T & C Hall
  • Open Campdraft Winner from Doc’s Moonlight.
  • Full sister to Hazelwood Coronation


  • Glen Morgan - Equ 4th Rest Open.  Chris Hall.

[Bottom photo by Sue Waldron.]

Kambo Convert
Kambo Convert
  • Yetman - 3rd Junior.  Tom Wells.
  • Nindigully - 5th Junior.  Tom Wells.
  • Inglewood Show - 5th.  Tom Wells.
  • Collarenebri - 4th Junior.  Tom Wells.
  • Allora
    • 3rd Maiden.  S.Wells.
    • 2nd  Junior.  Tom Wells.
  • Goondiwindi Show - 1st Junior Draft. Tom Wells.

Terry Hall & Congirl
Turner Stud Congirl


  • Geurie ladies draft - 1st.

Lindy Keel & Convict
Kehl's Convict


  • Clermont - 3rd Open.  W. Kehl.
  • Rolleston - 1st  2 Handed Cutting.  Lindy Kehl.
  • Springsure - 1st  2 Handed Cutting.  Lindy Kehl. 

Rowan Marks & Hingus


  • Paradise Lagoons - Acton Super Beef - =2nd.  R.Marks.


  • Warwick - 2nd Canning Downs draft.

Miss Congeniality
Barnone Miss Congeniality

Ridden by Jane Lee.


  • Glen Morgan Open - 1st

[Photo by Sue Waldron Photos.]

Goondiwindi Open 2016.  Breks Conducktress & Terry Hall
Brek's Conducktress

Sold for $67,500  Landmark Classic 2015.  Vendor: John Brekelmans  [View Video]


  • Goondiwindi Open - 1st

[Goondiwindi Open Draft - Winner is Terry Hall on Conducktress, 2nd Dean Warren on Spiderman.]

Kerry O'Reilley & Conductress


  • Boonah Open - 1st

[Kerry O'Reilley & Confessor.]

Snow & Jody Crosier

Connie Lee

Ridden by Snow Crosier.


  • Tooloombilla
    • Novice - Equal 2nd
    • Maiden - 2nd after run off with his daughter Jody.



Pete Comiskey & Brittany
Brittany (Roxanne Rip Off Chex)


  • ACA National Finals, Open - 2nd

[Photo by Julie Shaw: Pete Comiskey & Brittany.]

Hazelwood Conduct


  • Landmark Classic Young Guns winner with Matt Moffatt.  [View Video]


  • Monto Silver Buckle - 1st.  Jon Templeton.
  • Mary Valley Maiden - =2nd.  Jon Templeton.


Dogwood CometSire: Dogwood Comet

Comet was bred by Noel Campbell at Condamine before changing ownership to Robbie Hilton (he was out of Robbie’s great mare Dawn). As a young two year old colt Robbie sent him to Terry Hall for education and the necessary mustering miles.

Terry was impressed with Comet and a deal was done with Robbie. Terry swapped High Shine, from High Regard, for Comet as the mare was more appropriate for Robbie to ride.

Dogwood Comet was drafting at 4years old, but a potential career was cut short when he lost an eye in an accident at the truck. He was retired to stud duties.

After seven years the Hall’s decided to retry him and he was just as he always was. He was better with left hand courses as he could get his bearings better, but his will and commitment showed the character of the horse to perform so well with his disability. They took him on a trip to the Territory where he won a Progressive Draft and then he was retired again.

He was later sold to Paul and Jane Stone when Terry and Chris started standing Conman.

Hazelwood Romance
Dam: Hazelwood Romance

Hazelwood Romance is part of a small band of Stock Horse mares that will go down in history as a legend.

Terry and Romance are described as "A brilliant partnership".

Click on the "Romance tab" on Hall's Stockhorses home page to read the full story on Romance.

Studbook details

Registration:  152613
Foaling Date:  17/01/1999
Colour:  BAY
Exceptional Horse Status:  Heritage Stock Horse
Breeder:  TE & CE Hall
Current Owner:  TE & CE Hall

Clicking on the link will lead to the horse's listing on the Australian Stock Horse Stud Book register.

Respect 02
Dawn - HSH
Warrenbri Julie - IM HSH
Rosewood mare 01

Information provided courtesy of the Australian Stock Horse Society.

Video Gallery

Conman & Progeny Videos

Hazelwood Conman





  • Conman wins Rd 2 of the Stallion Shootout with a 91.  [View Video]
  • Hazelwood Conman & Terry Hall, Open Rd 2 - [View Video]




Landmark Classic





ASHS Nationals

Landmark Classic

Sale Horses



ASHS Super Quest

Chinchilla Grandfather Clock

  • Peter Boulton on Conduct - 1st.  [View Video] 
    (Click arrows bottom right hand corner to enlarge.)
  • Peter Boulton on Basalt - 5th.  [View Video]
    They also placed 4th in the Restricted Open and 4th in the Novice
  • Craig Radke on Contract - 9th.  [View Video] 
    (Click arrows bottom right hand corner to enlarge.)


Warwick Gold Cup

  • Kneipp’s Conray & Codie Law Winners of the Stallion Draft 
    [View Video]

Paradise Lagoons

  • Hazelwood Con Artist Winner - Champion of Champions.  [View Video]

Landmark Classic

  • Winner – Bulla Tambourine  Rider: Matt Holz.  [View Video]
  • =6th Cuban Cigars  Rider: Bruce McNaughton.  [View Video]

Prydes Easi Feed Challenge

Landmark Horse Sale

  • Top Priced Stallion.  Lot 285 $65,000.  The Wolf of Wall Street [View Video]
    Vendor: Richard Bull     2.y.o Stallion

Other notable Sales

  • Lot 413 $67,500  Brek’s Conducktress.  [View Video].  Vendor: John Brekelmans   4.y.o Mare
  • Lot 228 $18,000   Turners Stud Concrete.  [View Video].  Vendor: Shane Turner    Open Age Gelding
  • Lot 420  $42,000 Hazelwood Conspiracy.  [View Video].  Vendor: T & C Hall



  • Concert - 2nd Canning Downs with Craig Radke.  [View Video]

Landmark Classic

  • Rd 1 Classic - Terry Hall & Hazelwood Cormac - equal top score of 89  [View Video]
  • Conman gelding wins the Classic, Bar None Confession bred by Cameron & Jane Lee and purchased by Pat Smyth.  [View Video]



  • Gold Cup Winner - Michael Hiscock & Hazelwood Advice.  [View Video]
  • Gold Cup Rd 2 - Michael Hiscock & Hazelwood Advice - 179. [View Video]

ASH National Fountain of Youth Sale, Tamworth

  • Davros Dimension (filly) - Vendor: J.B. Davros - SOLD: $16,000.  [View Video]

Kirkbys Stud Reduction Sale - April 1

  • Lot 7, Kirkbys Stud Confetti - Ridden horse, top price of $16,000.  By Hazelwood Conman, out of an Omega daughter, Kirkbys Stud Diamond. Purchased by Peter Dampney[View Video]
  • Lot 9, Kirkbys Stud Rosita - Second top price of $15,000.  By Hazelwood Conman, out of the well performed Omega mare, Kirkbys Stud Rosalie[View Video]

Landmark Classic Sale

  • Hazelwood Conduct, Conman mare.  SOLD for $40,000.  [View Video]
  • Daley's Matrix, Conman gelding.  SOLD for $17,000 - Preworks footage.  [View Video]



Dalby Sale

  • Oakdene Coster, 3 year old Conman gelding.  Sold for $10,000.  [View Video]

Contact Details

Terry & Chris Hall
Tel: (07) 4675 4518
Fax: (07) 4675 4630
Mobile: 0427 733 403

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