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Daley's Playrio

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Daley's Playrio

Well respected northern Australian campdraft genetics now available for ALL Australia.

[Ben Hall & Daley's Playrio, Normanton 2014.  Photo by Purple Fairy Imagery.]

Ben, Jaye, Madison and Wyatt Hall operate Bibil, a property near Longreach in Central Western Queensland.

“We breed and sell Brahman Bulls, have a crossbred commercial cattle herd, and breed, draft and sell our own horses. We believe in what we breed, and they must prove themselves to us.

As a stallion PLAYRIO has to play by the same rules, we make no exception. If we didn't like what he is, how he looks, how he performs, how he behaves and how he breeds, we wouldn't still have him.” 
Ben & Jaye Hall.

Service Fee:

  • $2,200 inc GST.
  • Chilled semen available.

Ben & Jaye try to make Playrio accessible to everyone, so apart from mares from Central and Western Queensland Ben and Jaye always manage to bring mares home for clients from both Warwick and Tamworth. 

They also collect PLAYRIO from home with semen going from Longreach on Toll with overnight delivery. Their only drawback is if it is too wet to get to town on their dirt road!

Almost anything is possible if you really want to do it!

Ben Hall & Daley's Playrio Ben Hall & Daley's Playrio Jaye & her dad!


  • 2015/16 ACA Sires Progeny Award - 3rd



  • Cloncurry Res Open (88) - 5th
  • Saxby Open - 3rd (85,85,92)
  • Normanton Anniversary Open Draft 1st (89)
  • ACA Champion Sires - Awarded 3rd place.
  • Camooweal Res Open - 2nd (89)


  • Warwick Stallion Draft - =11th
  • Sedan Dip Open - 3rd (84, 84)
  • Richmond Res Open - =4th (with his daughter Santa Rio. (88)
  • Camoweal Restricted Open - 2nd (88)
  • Julia Creek Restricted Open - 6th (90)


  • Walcha Open – 10th (88, 90, 82)
  • Tamworth Stallion Shootout –5th (90, 86)
  • Tamworth Open Draft – 10th (88, 88, 85)
  • Walch Res Open – 5th (89)
  • Blackall Open – 3rd (89,85,87)
  • GREENVALE OPEN – 1st (89, 88, 89)
  • Gold City Ladies – 4th (84)
  • NORMANTON LADIES – 1st (88, 85)
  • Cloncurry Res Open – 2nd (90, 22)
  • Cloncurry Open – 8th (89, 81)
  • Paradise Lagoons Accor Hotel Open – =3rd (88, 86, 89)  [View Video]
  • Stockmans Hall of Fame Stallion Draft – 3rd (87, 90)
  • Stockmans Hall of Fame Stallion Draft Cut Out – 1st (23, 22)

[Photo: Jaye Hall on Daley's Playrio winner of the Normanton Anniversary Draft with her dad Noel Daley on Playrio's daughter Eltorrio.  [Read more...]] 

Ben & Daley's Playrio Jaye Hall & Playrio winners of Paradise Lagoons Stallion Draft 2009
  • Daley's Playrio started drafting in 2005 winning Maiden at Saxby at 3rd start.
  • Winner Champion ACA Rookie Horse.
  • 2nd Supaquest from 3 venues only.
  • Won Burrandowan Open in 1st year of competition.
  • Winner of multiple Opens including:
    Paradise Stallion, Cloncurry, Mt Isa, Longreach, Saxby and Camooweal.

[Jaye Hall & Daley's Playrio winners of 2009 Paradise Lagoons Stallion draft.]


Ben and Jaye were late getting PLAYRIO progeny as Jaye’s family didn't have any mares that weren't related to him.

Since then, they now have Ben's mares and have acquired a few mares through foal for foal deals. Consequently the PLAYRIO‘s are now starting to come through.

  • They have had every type of mare imaginable, from highly strung thoroughbreds to very placid mares, and 3 things consistently shine through in his offspring:  They have great temperaments, cool minds and are good to ride.
  • They have natural cattle sense, a very strong point in PLAYRIO himself from a very young age.

His foals don't need much work and the Hall's futurity them as 3 & 4 year olds.

Playrio's successful progeny:

Lineup of some Playrio's bred and currently ridden by the Halls, varying from their eldest 9yo to 2yo's.

Playrio's successful progeny.
Raevio (Rave), Visionsario (Vista), Sayplay (Oak Rumours), Portrait (Gloss), Mini Rio (Mini), Curio (Dry Acres), Privilege (Gossip), Cleo (Cleva Oak), Remio (Remenisce), Santa Rio (Santa Girl), Mink Rio (Mink), Eltorrio (Citori), Bushranger (Wishes), Jackson (Caprice), Poetic (Gloss), Painted Rose (Rosenoak), Designerio (Design Acres), Cleverio (Cleva Oak), Miss Abbey R (Abbeyoak).

  • 2016 ACA Finals - Champion Sires Progeny Award 3rd
  • 2015 ACA Finals - Champion Sires Progeny Award 3rd

Playrio’s 3rd place in both 2015 and 2016 is a major achievement considering he is a young sire with far fewer progeny competing than his rivals in this category.

Also of significance when considering the Playrio progeny is the number of ACA Horse Titles these young progeny have won.

  • 2016 ACA Novice Horse of the Year - Jackson
  • 2016 ACA Open Horse Runner Up - Eltorrio
  • 2016 ACA National Finals Top 30 Shootout Champion - Santa Rio
  • 2015 ACA Novice Horse of the Year - Eltorrio
  • 2015 ASH Superquest Horse of the Year - Mink Rio
  • 2014 ACA Rookie Horse of the Year - Eltorrio

Ben Hall & Eltorrio winner 2014 Canning Downs

Ben & Eltorrio, 2016 Triple Crown Champions

Halls Eltorrio
  • 2017 Paradise Lagoons
    • Graham Acton Memorial Restricted Open Winner.
    • Champion of Champions Winner
  • 2017 Yelvertoft Res Open Winner (90,89)
  • 2017 Landmark Classic - =6th - [View FB Video - Final]
  • 2016 Warwick Gold Cup - 5th (88,86,86) - [View Video]
    • Triple Crown Aggregate Champion over 9 rounds (86, 84, 90.5, 90, 89, 22, 88, 86, 86)
  • 2016 Barcaldine Open - 1st (88,89)
  • 2016 Chinchilla Res Open – 1st (89,87)
  • 2016 Mt Isa Res Open Winner
  • 2014 Canning Downs Winner - [View Video]
  • 2016 ACA Open Horse of the Year Runner Up
  • 2015 ACA Novice Horse of the Year
  • 2014 ACA Rookie Horse of the Year
  • Multiple Open Draft Winner including Cloncurry, Richmond, Julia Creek, Eumamurrin & Barcaldine
  • Multiple Novice Draft Winner including Blackall (first start), Gregory and Saxby.
  • Ladies Draft Winner
  • Open Challenge Winner

[Top Photo courtesy of Warwick Daily News: Ben & Eltorrio with the 2014 Canning Downs Cup.
2nd Photo by Patrice Elliot.

3rd Photo: Ben & Eltorrio, 2016 Triple Crown Aggregate winners.]

Ben Hall & Jackson Saxby 2014
Ben Hall & Jackson, Yelvertoft Res Open 2016

Madison Hall & Jackson (by Playrio)

  • 2017 Open Yelvertoft - 2nd (89,88,91)
  • 2017 Jericho Junior - 1st with Madison
  • 2017 Armidale Junior - 1st with Madison (86)
  • 2016 Warwick Gold Cup - =8th (87,85,85) - [View Video]
  • 2016 ACA Novice Horse of the Year
  • 2016 Res Open Draft Winner Yelvertoft
  • 2015 Richmond Top End Novice Purse Series - Res Champion
  • Multiple Maiden & Novice Draft Winner & Placegetter


[First photo by Patrice Elliot, Winton Maiden 2014.
Second photo: Ben Hall, Yelvertoft Restricted Open, 2016.
Third photo: Madison Hall, Armidale Junior Winner, 2017.]

Playrio Progeny - Mink Rio
Mink Rio & Jaye Hall
Mink Rio
  • 2015 ASH Superquest Horse of the Year
  • 2015 ACA Rookie Horse of the Year – 3rd
  • 2015 ACA Rookie Horse of the Year – Finals Aggregate Winner
  • Multiple Maiden and Novice Winner  including Camooweal and Burrandown

[Top photo by Patrice Elliot.
Second photo by Donna Dave Photos.]

Halls Santa Rio
Santa Rio
Halls Santa Rio
  • 2017 Open Yelvertoft - 10th
  • 2016 Chinchilla Grandfather Clock - 3rd (89,89,86)
  • 2016 ACA National Finals Top 30 Shootout Champion
  • 2016 Open Draft Winner Winton
  • 2012 Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Novice Winner - [View Video]
  • Open Draft Winner at Julia Creek

[First photo by Al Mabin. 
Second photo by Tricolby Photography.]


Halls Allplay
Halls Allplay
  • 2013 Maiden Draft Winner at Katherine ASH Draft
  • 2015 Novice Draft Winner at Pussy Cat Bore

[Photo: Rory Fitzgerald & Halls Allplay] 

Jaye Hall & Privilege Halls Privilege & Jaye Hall

Halls Privilege
  • 2017 Yelvertoft Res Open - =4th (90,87)
  • 2016 Flinders Classic Challenge Cutout winner - [View Video]
  • 2016 Hughenden Classic Draft Winner after 3 rounds with a run off (82,91,87 & 90 in the runoff).
    Winner supreme cutout of the weekend after a runoff (24). Also placed in the Open.
  • Futurity Winner
  • 2014 ACA Rookie Horse of the year - 6th
  • Maiden & Novice winner placegetter, including Burke & Wills Maiden winner.

[Photo by Patrice Elliot.]

 Cashmere Rio & Ben Stanger
Jaye & Playrio winner of the Anniversary draft at Normanton & daughter Cashmere Rio & Ben Stanger who ran 2nd
Halls Cashmere Rio - Novice mare

Owned by Ben and Cheri Stanger.


  • Normanton Anniversary Draft - 2nd


  • Burke & Wills Novice - 1st.


  • Burke & Wills Novice - 1st.
  • Ash Superquest Competition - 2nd

[Photo by Carmel Shepherd, Ben Stranger at Burke & Wills Novice.
Photo bottom: Jaye & Playrio winner of the Anniversary draft at Normanton & daughter Cashmere Rio & Ben Stanger who ran 2nd.]

  • 2016 winner of The Top End Novice Purse at Richmond
  • Res Champion Superquest Horse for 2015
  • 2015 ACA Rookie Horse of the Year – 4th
  • Multiple Novice Draft Winner at Toogoolawah and Camooweal
  • Multiple Futurity Placegetter

[Photo by Patrice Elliot, 2014.] 

Halls Curio & Madison Halls Curio & Madison
Halls Curio
  • Winning & placing in Mini Drafts & Gymkhanas



  • Gregory Junior draft - Winner


  • Barcaldine Mini - Winner

[Top photo: Madison and Halls Curio
Bottom photo:  Madison & Halls Curio, Barcaldine Mini.]



  • Hughenden Classic Campdraft & Challenge -  Novice - 5th
  • Mt Isa Maiden - 2nd

  • Normanton Novice - 5th

Lachlan Thompson & Toomba Garth (Cash)
Lachlan Thompson & Toomba Garth (Cash)
Toomba Garth (Cash)


  • Paradise Lagoons Novice - 4th


  • Mareeba Maiden - 1st (First start)

[Photo: Lachlan Thompson & Toomba Garth (Cash)]

Kelly Daley with Rio Breeze & Rio Shimano Rio Breeze & Kel Daley
Rio Breeze

Ridden by Kelly Daley.

  • 2015 Pink Diamond Earrings ($4000) Kununarra Novice Winner.

[Top photo: Kel Daley with Rio Breeze & Rio Shimano (right).
2nd photo Kel & Rio Breeze.]

Rio Shimano Lucy & Rio Shimano, Katherine 2016
Daley's Rio Shimano

Ridden by Lucy Daley

  • 2016 Katherine Show Novice Winner
  • 2015 Northern Territory Maiden Series Winner
  • Multiple Ladies Draft Winner including Tennant Creek and Kununurra.
  • 2015 Pussycat Bore Open Rd 2. Horsework Score 68.

[Photo by Patrice Elliot.]

Portrait & Madison Hall
Portrait & Jaye Hall

3yo (a/o 2015) x Playrio and out of Gloss.

  • Hughenden Classic Campdraft and Challenge - 2nd in the Under 5 Challenge with cattle work scores of 90 & 91
  • Julia Creek Junior 2015 - 3rd.  (Madison & Portrait's 1st run)
  • Challenge Placegetter
  • Futurity Placegetter

[Top photo: Portrait & Madison Hall.
Bottom photo:  Playrio 2 yo.]

  • 2016 ASH Superquest - 5th
  • Maiden draft winner Comet

Polish & Todd Maller
Emily Lawson & Polish

By Playrio and out of Gloss.
Owned by Maller Family.

  • Encouragement Draft Winner ridden by Emily Lawson.
  • Novice Draft Placegetter

[Top photo:  Polish & Todd Maller.
Bottom photo:  Polish & Emily Lawson.]

Rob Durkin & Bernie
Durkins Bernie (gelding)
  • 4yo gelding (2016)
  • Owned by Robert Durkins


  • Twin Hills Futurity - 5th (First Start)

[Photo: Rob & Bernie running off for the Futurity at Gold City 2016.]

Plover & Craig Radke
Walla Willa Plover (mare)

Ridden by Craig Radke.


  • Paradise Lagoons Novice - 10th (87,87)
  • Dalby Maiden - Winner (4th start)

[Photo by Sue Waldron.]

Daleys Rio's Touch

Ridden by Kelly Daley


  • Winner NT Champion Maiden Series.



  • Pussy Cat Bore Novice - =5th

Jaye Hall & Jitterbug, Clincurry 2014
Jitter Bug & Ken Ford
Bawnduggie Jitter Bug (gelding)

(Playrio/McNamara Dance)


  • Pink Diamond Earrings ($4000) Kununarra Novice Winner.


  •  Harts Range Novice - 4th with Ken Ford.

[Top photo by Cassie Jessup.
Bottom photo by Shelley Henry.]

Halls Sayplay
Halls Sayplay

Pistol Knight


  • Tennant Creek Novice - 5th

Artwork by Australian Horseman Magazine.

Previous Sales
Bawnduggie Gitterbug

Landmark 2015

Lot 454 - Bawnduggie Gitterbug
SOLD Landmark 2015 - $17,000
  • Vendor: Ben & Jaye Hall
  • Purchaser: K. & L. Ford
  • 4yo Playrio gelding from McNamara Dance
Toomba Quintin
Lot 161 - Toomba Quintin
SOLD Landmark 2015 - $6,500
  • Vendor: Ben & Jaye Hall
  • Purchaser: G.J. Hulm
  • 3yo Playrio gelding from Toomba Quarry
Toomba Quinn
Toomba Quinn
SOLD Landmark 2015 - $11,000
  • Vendor: Ben & Jaye Hall
  • Purchaser: Brent, Ryan & Lane Smyth
  • 3yo Playrio gelding from Toomba Qualm.

Halls Talk Rio Landmark 2014

Sale horses averaged $10,000 and included:

  • Talk Rio - 2yo Playrio/Oak Rumours colt sold to Lois Cameron, Augathella.  [Photo opposite.]
  • Sogrand - 3yo Echo/Grandee filly sold to Tom Acton.
  • Marigold - 5yo mare sold to John McNamara.
  • Drifter - 5yo Romantic Doc gelding sold to C. Hengstberger.

Tamaroo Jackson

Landmark 2013

Tarmaroo Jackson - Lot 187
Jackson was the top price classic incentive gelding selling to Barry and Salli Smith for $17,000.

Ben & Jaye now have about 12 broodmares and sell some of the foals privately as yearlings and others through the Toomba Sale and Landmark, Tamworth. Each year, they retain one or two fillies for their own stud purposes.
Broodmares include:

Tarmaroo Caprice   Cleva Oak
Tarmaroo Caprice
- By Draftsman (Patrol Chief) and o/o Durah Blue Bird
  Cleva Oak - Open Mare
Jaye and Cleva Oak
Hytek   Dry Destiny
- By Wungum TopTek (Comara Topline) and out of Myoora Rose (Myoora Mudginberri – Warrenbri Romeo)
  Dry Destiny - Open Mare
- By Romantic Doc (Hazelwood Dry Doc/Hazelwood Romance) and out of Halls Robyn Acres (Acres Destiny/Santa Girl)
Gloss   Rave
Novice Mare - Gloss
x Arcadia Realm (Romeo)
Clever Oak’s dam.
Indiana Oak   Oak Rumours
Indiana Oak
– By Daleys Chickasha Oakie.
  Oak Rumours - Novice Mare
 - By Daleys Chickasha Oakie.
Dry Acres   Ben & 49erChick
Dry Acres - Novice Mare
Ben and Dry Acres
  49er Chick - Open Mare
Ben and 49er Chick
Design Acres    
Design Acres - Novice Mare
Ben and Design Acres

Mare Care
Outside mare care is a high priority. They graze on Flinders and Mitchell grass, are supplemented when required and hand served. Jaye Hall says, “We like to look after them like they are our own“.

[View progeny] listed on the Australian Stock Horse Stud Book register.


Playrio’s bloodlines have been in  the Daley family for over 40 years.

Jaye drafting Daley's Playrio 1979
Grand Sire: Daleys Rio

Daleys Rio was ACA Champion Sire of Australia for 3 years in the 80's for Jaye’s parents, Noel and Dallas Daley. He won over 70 open drafts for Noel, carried Dallas to two ACA Lady rider titles.  In addition, Jaye and her brother Kelly both won numerous Junior drafts on him and Noel picked up, roped & bulldogged off him, often all in the same weekend.

[Photo: Saxby 1979: Jaye (6 years old) and Daley’s Rio winning Junior Draft.]

Noel drafting Daley's Rio [Photo Winton 1983:  Jaye’s father Noel Daley drafting Daley’s Rio.]
Rio's Legend
Sire: Rio's Legend

Rio's Legend, died at a young age with only 8 progeny on the ground.  Some of these include:

  • Scenario - Winner of Champion of Champions at Warwick, Aggregate of Cannings and Gold Cup Drafts at Warwick, JHS Barnes trophy at Warwick as well as multiple Open drafts.
  • Special Request - Open mare.  (See below.)
  • Levi - Novice gelding.
  • Remenisce - Novice mare, retired injured.

[Photo: Jaye and Rio’s Legend, Camooweal 1999.]

Daley's Playmate
Dam: Daley’s Playmate

Daley's Playmate is a beautifullly natured mare. Jaye won and placed in Maiden and Junior Drafts on her before she was prematurely retired to stud when Jaye went to boarding school.

She later returned to work to teach Madison and Wyatt to ride!

Playrio's Siblings

Special Request
Special Request
  • ¾ Sister to Playrio.
  • Open Mare and ACA Champion Rookie Horse.
Deelux Play & Dallas Daley
Deelux Play
  •   1/2 Sister to Playrio.

[Photo by Ivy Pix: Deelux Play & Dallas G Daley]


Stud Book details
Registration: 165931
Foaling Date: 28/10/2000
Colour: BAY
Height: 15.1hh
Breeder: B & J Hall
Current Owner: B & J Hall

Clicking on the link will lead to the horse's listing on the Australian Stock Horse Stud Book register.

Joy 03
Unknown dam
Joy 03
Kerry 02


Information provided courtesy of the Australian Stock Horse Society.

Video Gallery

Playrio's Gallery

2014 Warwick Stallion Draft

2014 Landmark Classic

2013 Paradise Lagoons

2013 Landmark Classic

2012 Warwick


Hall's Eltorrio


Santa Rio


  • Winner 2016 Flinders Classic Challenge Cutout - [View Video]

Halls Sayplay

  • 2017 Landmark Classic Horse Sale.  Sold for $22,000 - [View Video]

Contact Details

Enquiries & Bookings contact: Standing at:

Ben & Jaye Hall

Bibil Station
Muttaburra  QLD  4732

Phone: (07) 4658 5641

  • Bibil Station
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